CBD and Pets

The use of CBD (cannabidiol) in humans and pets has rapidly increased. Both human and veterinary researchers have begun to investigate claims of medical benefits of both CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol).

THC is the active ingredient in cannabis or marijuana that causes the “high” or euphoric effect and creates chemical dependency. THC is VERY toxic to dogs and cats and therefore pet owners must ensure that their pets do not ever have access to any part of the marijuana plant or any marijuana containing consumables.

CBD is present in both marijuana and the hemp plant which has been cultivated globally for centuries for legitimate uses.

Current interest in CBD for veterinary patients is in the treatment of chronic pain, epileptic seizures and possibly anxiety disorders.

Currently products containing CBD are considered “nutraceuticals” indicating that they are nutritional supplements with proposed pharmaceutical benefits.

Unfortunately as a result of minimal Federal government/FDA oversight of the nutraceutical market many CBD products currently available are either mislabeled, have little or no CBD in them, contain THC or contain toxic contaminants. Please do not give any of these over the counter CBD products to your pets.

Please consult with your veterinarian to determine if CBD is indicated for your pet.

We currently recommend the following websites for veterinary specific CBD products.

ABSC Organics at www.petpainfree.com

ElleVet Sciences at www.ellevetsciences.com

Peak Therapeutics at peaktherapeutics.net

CannaCompanion at cannacompanionusa.com