Dogs, cats and other pets benefit from lifelong dental care just like people do. We recommend that all pets have some form of home dental care combined with professional dental services.

Home dental care can take many forms from brushing your pet’s teeth to using commercial dental care chews and rinses. Unfortunately many products on the market do not offer any proven benefit and may even be harmful to your pet. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) publishes a list of approved pet oral healthcare products with documented benefit. These can be found at

We can help you set up a schedule of home dental care for your pet and select products that best suit your and your pet’s individual needs.

Even with the best consistant home care however many pets will eventually need professional care. Advanced Veterinary Hopsital offers a variety of dental services from routine cleanings to extractions. All of our dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia which is considered the standard of care in veterinary medicine. It is simply not possible to do a thorough oral exam and complete dental cleaning in an awake or minimally sedated patient. With the advent of modern anesthetic protocols and aggressive anesthetic monitoring this has become a very safe and commonplace procedure. We also use dental nerve blocks as well as pain medications to ensure that your pets dental service is pain free.

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